Quiltopia Oregon Quilt Challenge

This is a second year Good Vibes Quilt Shop is proudly sponsoring and completely loving on Quiltopia Oregon and their quest to do amazing things in the Salem Community, specifically directed towards Helping Hands Resources.

One thing all quilters have in common, is the inner passion to share.  Whether sharing their work by offering warmth, teaching others the skill of quilting, or just helping through various fundraising initiatives, quilters always set up!

Together with the Grand Hotel Salem, Quiltopia will be showcasing 30 challenge quilts created by local quilt artists from 1st week in October to the first week in November, 2024 at the Grand Hotel Salem.

This year's challenge is titled, "A Book to Remember".  The quilts must measure 18 inches wide x 27 inches high. Quilts must have a top, a layer of batting, and a back, combined using the technique of quilting. All quilt techniques are encouraged such as piecing, hand or machine applique, paper piecing, etc. Embellishments are welcome. Quilts must have a 4” sleeve on the back to accommodiate for hanging.

To participate in this year's challenge, go to Quiltopia Quilt Challenge on their website.

The best part of the challenge, other than the glorious display of work, is the annual fundraising event which raises money for Helping Hands Resources.  On November 1st and 2nd, from 10am to 4pm, Quiltopia presents a quilt show event that offers speakers, a quilt show and vendor booths.  

This years Guest Speaker is Marie Bostwick, NYT bestselling author of The Cobbled Court Quilt Series and Esme Cahill Fails Spectacularly.  Maria's discussion will be held at the Willamette Herititage Center in Salem Oregon and cost is $7.