Bodacious Building Blocks

Bodacious Building Blocks is a FREE series of Traditional Blocks, with included cutting and making instructions, and a brief history of the block to help our clients build skills and knowledge in this craft.  Some of these blocks are the original blocks completed by our grandmother's grandma.  More are created in the early twentieth century and shared when patterns were included in women's magazine as frequently as recipes and household advice.  These blocks are historic, and with time, tweaking and more fabric options, they've become even more beautiful than the originals. 

After a few weeks of block building (end of April 2024), I will introduce the grid for a 60" x 72" quilt.  You can use the grid for your finished project or create your own.  This is not a pattern.  If you want to deviate from the grid using sashing, cornerstones, borders and such, you'll need to do your own math.  This section is simply for fun in block making, skill building and bits of history relived.

Welcome!  Now, Let's Make Awesome!

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