Collection: Merry Makers Designs

Merry Makers Designs is a wonderful pattern company that Good Vibes Quilt Shop has partnered with to bring you beautiful, exclusive and fun to make quilt patterns.  Early 2024, we introduced PICK A LITTLE, TALK A LITTLE and DANCING DAISIES, and will be introducing several more throughout the year!

This pattern company is locate in the great state of Texas and is one of several relationships we created while at Quilt Market of Houston 2023*.  Sweet and talented sisters, Carolyn Monk and Kathryn Knight, have been creatives in the industry for many years.  Now it's their time to soar into their own space with their new quilting pattern business and we at Good Vibes are thrilled we get to help you find them and adore them!

*See what community can do?  If I hadn't attended Market and Festival, I could not have shared these Awesome women with you.  Our Community is EVERYTHING! 💖