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When we were little, birthdays were big!  Sure, some of us celebrate the milestones, but that's only every 5 years to feel special. 

Here at GVQS, we want to celebrate you every day!  But we can't afford being THAT boujie.  So how about gift of 15% off your entire order for your birthday!

As an added bonus, you will also receive our newsletter which includes product introductions and weekly freebies. That's pretty cool 😎.  Unsubscribe any time, but why would you?  It would be denying yourself the best gift of the year, from people who really get you!

Remember...we also have gift cards and THEY MAKE YOUR DAY, and Other Quilting Friends, #TheBestBirthdayEver!!

Best wishes 🥳

From the Good Vibes Girl ~ Chrissy

Happy Birthday from Good Vibes Quilt Shop

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