Transform Your Home with Our Bestselling Fabric Collection, House and Home

Transform Your Home with Our Bestselling Fabric Collection, House and Home

To be part of Poppie Cotton’s Fabric Tour has been an absolute treat for me!  First, you get to show the world a new fabulous line from one of the most talented companies in the industry, Poppie Cotton.  Then, as a creator, you get to choose a design that speaks to you about the fabric. And then the best part, I got to spend hours touching and bonding with my project every step of the way, just so I could show the world it’s potential in my eyes.

House and Home, Poppie Cotton

For months, I wanted to do an Emily Dennis Pattern, and when her STAR POP was introduced about the same time I started GVQS. It quickly became on the top of my list of to-do projects.  STAR POP is a really easy pattern with an awesome finished look. It is pretty much built entirely on HST’s (half-square triangles) that will have you labeled as a “pro” by the time you complete the quilt. Emily has the company, Quilty Love and I really encourage you to check out her site. She is so gracious to send out a free pattern when you become a follower, and you will be in awe of her creative modern flare with each new project release. Thank you Emily for being awesome!

Star Pop, Emily Dennis of Quilty Love

OK, now let’s talk about my other favorite part of this product…(drum roll)…Introducing HOUSE AND HOME, designed by Michal Marko for Poppie Cotton Fabrics! In completing this quilt, I got to spend quality time with my favorite colors. Poppie Cotton is known for their strawberries, chickens and a color way which includes pinks, but this collection gave us fabulous blues, greens, grays, taupes and soft pink that give this collection a cozy, romantic vibe.

House and Home Collection by Poppie Cotton

The florals in this collections are absolutely gorgeous!! My favorite are the english garden looking display which is called MEAGAN. Such a beautiful design. And what was great about this fabric, is there was no actually right side up. The florals twist and turn and are positioned with such whimsey.

I also love the cute little flowers which I used as my backing. This fabric swatch is called CICELY. Just in case you didn’t know, Cicely is an aromatic white-flowered plant of the parsley family, with fernlike leaves.  I’m not sure what I like more, the name, or the design.


Another set of fabric swatches that make me swoon are the HAPPY HOME fabrics. There are 3 color ways within the collection and each gleefully co-exist with the other supporting fabric. I love the cottages, bunnies, florals and of course, strawberry elements within this fabric. 


And these blend well with the tone on tones of the 4 color options of FOREST. Michal has so many of the fun woodsy elements that make me excited to get back into summertime forest hikes.  Leaves, twigs, pinecones and more decorate these swatches. 

Other fabric swatches are also included in this collection, such as the Mable and the coordinating dots.  Be sure the see it all on our website.

One of my favorite details is the posey pattern I chose for the quilting.  Having just received my Innova longarm, this was the FIRST quilt I got to complete.  I have so much more practice to done before I offer this as a service, but it is an absolute blast to do this part of the process.  As a lifetime doodler, I believe I found my fit in life, a longarmer!!  PS, I couldn't have done this first quilt so fast and properly without the amazing help from my friend, Capri.  Thank you lovely lady, Capri. ❤️

Our life is a little crazy right now with my eldest daughter’s graduation and all the celebration activities that come with this special time. So to photograph with quilt, I did it right from our backyard. I felt like this quilt needed to be near the river for some well deserved and needed time by the quiet of water.   I love feeling the since of peace during a time when (good) chaos is running my spirit.  

A special thank you to the creative designers of Poppie Cotton for including me in this Fabric Tour. I’m looking forward to sharing the next already. You can find this collection and so many other’s from Poppie Cotton at  This collection is offered as Fat Quarters, Jellyrolls and Fabric by the Yard.

Have a wonderful week!  And just a reminder, today is a great day to make a beautiful life!


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