The Perfect Quilt for Rugged Men (or Women): Into the Woods Collection

The Perfect Quilt for Rugged Men (or Women): Into the Woods Collection

Into the Woods is beautiful while in the woods or in a cozy home.

One collection that we love dearly, and even made this timeless sample is INTO THE WOODS Collection by Lori Whitlock.  This collection is perfect as a quilt for the wanderlust outdoors guy, or even gal!  

Our industry is packed with floral and cutesy girlie motifs.  More masculine collections are in small numbers, so when a rugged collection like Lori's comes available...well, we have to grab it up! Lori designed this collection perfectly for the admirer of the great outdoors, with the motifs of bears, moose, and other forest critters.  The colors are simple; cream whites, black, gray and cherry reds.

This quilt was designed with the one of Moda's Project Jellyroll Patterns, even though it not from a jellyroll, and not even Moda Fabric, it's Riley Blake. 🤭. The pattern is called Tiddlywinks (FREE Pattern) and uses a 2.5 Hexi-template which can be sourced from most any craft supply shop like Joanns

My favorite part of the project was the ease from cut to sew to complete!  The whole quilt took me 2 days to make, including the quilting!  The most challenging part was the assembling only because at the time, I didn't have a design wall.  So there was a little seam ripping action taking place during the assembly! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Being a Pacific Northwest Girl, I have been spoiled with our beautiful landscapes.  However, I am boldly reminded of my surrounding beauty when I put this post together.  Isn't this GORGEOUS?!?!
Speaking of GORGEous...that's where these photos were taken.  Just off the Columbia River, through the gorge at my sister in law's cabin.  The striking hills in the back line along the historic Hwy 30 of the Columbia River Gorge.  If you are into scenery, hiking, climbing or picnicking, this is your heaven!

Many travelers on the trails will be dressed as Patagonia models or North Face or REI sales reps.  It's an Oregon thing. 🤣. But I'm not saying this just to be pithy, I want to point out the outdoor gear look of the plaids, checks and tartans of this collection!  I think these fabrics alone give off the feel of mountain wanderlust!  But cue in the bears, moose, trees and other forest critters.  And then there's the cozy cabin and wood chopping that must be done to keep the home space warm!
Check out the repeating bear motif.  What I love is how Lori put Mountains inside the grand bears.  Because bears are the heart of the mountains.
At last, let's take a full look at our quilt with the help of my beautiful little niece, who's arm span is smaller than the quilt! Good job sweet girl!
Whether you use this quilt for snuggling under and picnicking over, the love of creating, and the durability of the ingredients will make this quilt last lifetimes! 
Enjoy Making Awesome!
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