Hello Creative World!!  Here comes GOOD VIBES...the QUILT SHOP!

Hello Creative World!! Here comes GOOD VIBES...the QUILT SHOP!

Good Vibes Quilt Shop was born in a time when humanity needed creative outlets to thrive, or even exist just to be "normal".  Sound a little dramatic?  Well, it's really true!  The idea of my cute little shop was created in the fall of 2020, right in the pit during the year of Covid.  My former creative business (in the wedding industry) was seeing a forecast of huge uncertainty.  And honestly, getting up in the mornings and finding my happy was a challenge.

Well, until I started a quilt.  Being greeted with the joy of creating something beautiful with equally gorgeous fabrics resulted in such incredible happiness and, Good Vibes!  It had been months since I felt this kind of joy and it became contagious; and then, a personal mission!  Create a company that offers the highest quality products, exceptional service and do so in a happy welcoming space. 

"Hello Creative World!!  Here comes  GOOD VIBES...the QUILT SHOP!"

Good Vibes Quilt Shop

Now, I'm no psychologist, or any other 'credible' clinician, but I do know what happens during the process of making something with your hands. Creativity calms the senses and gives you the good feels of accomplishment.  I am also fondly familiar with the incredible tummy-giggles when giving a handmade item.  It's the best feeling ever, wouldn't you say?!?

Shifting into this industry brings pretty ginormous challenges as there are so many choices out in the world of quilting, especially online.  So let me share what makes GOOD VIBES QUILT SHOP DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHER QUILT SHOPS.

OUTSTANDING QUALITY: At GVQS, we have very carefully and mindfully partnered with the best quality fabric purveyors. Companies like Riley Blake Designs, Moda Fabrics and my personal favorite, Poppie Cotton, are our primary partners.  Each of these companies have the highest quality in feel good fabrics. They produce their fabrics in such a way that they give a long life to the finished project and make the process of creation very enjoyable.  

We carefully select our notions, too. Notions can be expensive for a small company to stock, and more importantly, expensive if they are not beneficial for our clients.  As a (somewhat new) quilter myself, we only offer notions that offer time savings, give great results and don't waste my money! 

Products like BlocLoc, Easy Binding, and Easy Piecing Grids are some of our favorite items.  All have been tested and have our humble Seal of Approval!

CUSTOMER SERVICE:  In an era when receiving personalized care is rare, GVQS delivers!  Our goal is to be your local (online) quilt shop!  Feel free to call | text | write us *anytime.  *well, call Monday thru Friday, 10am to 5pm pst.  Text or email anytime.

FAST DELIVERY is our BIGGEST GOAL.  I love to order online and my favorite part of ordering is the fast delivery.  I want that for you, too.  That's why even though I work alone, I strive to get orders out within 24 to 48 hours (except the weekends).  

Chrissy Dunham with Duke and Maddie
The last thing that makes GVQS different than other quilt shops is just being my authentic self.  As a 1970s flower child, my passion for wholesome design and handmade living flows through my blood.  Homestead values were taught to me by my mom, and grandmothers, and from the girlfriend company I keep.  I love cooking for scratch, making happy things and spending time with those who enjoy a creative life too.  I am pretty simple, be a kind person, hang out with good people, make pretty things, enjoy God's beautiful daily gifts.
Good Vibes Quilt Shop, Chrissy

Thank you for taking your time to check out our Good Vibes Quilt Shop.  Be sure to connect with us on our social channels so we can stay in touch. 

May Love, Peace and Good Vibes be part of your everyday creative journey!


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