Discover the 4 Essential Principles for Selecting Quality Quilt Fabric.

Discover the 4 Essential Principles for Selecting Quality Quilt Fabric.

Sometimes, the quality of the fabric doesn’t matter. Halloween costumes? Go for the budget fabrics with our blessing. But a handmade quilt is different. You’re going to snuggle up with it. You’re going to wrap your loved ones in it like a burrito. It needs to be soft, long-lasting, and timeless, and that starts with the fabric. There are many ways to tell the difference in quilting fabric quality, so brush up on these signs before you go shopping. To create a quilt worthy of your adventures, start by choosing a fabric that speaks to your daring spirit. Embrace the challenge of finding a material that is not only soft but also durable and timeless.

Discover the 4 Essential Principles for Selecting Quality Quilt Fabric.

Consider Thread Count:  Your fabric store should have a section specifically dedicated to quilters’ cotton. Those fabrics have a higher thread count than the cotton used for clothes, though not as high as bedsheets. It’s a plain weave with low to medium density—but you’ll notice that the exact thread count isn’t mentioned anywhere on the bolt. Test it by holding it up to the light. Can you see through it? The weave may be too loose. If you use it for a quilt, it could fray and break. Keep looking. When selecting quilters’ cotton, it's essential to pay attention to the thread count and weave to ensure durability and quality in your quilting projects.  Friend, quality is important not just because of material cost, but also consider the time costs...Time invested is where quilting becomes an expensive hobby!

Consider the Content:  You want 100 percent cotton. Whether you’re planning to sew by hand or machine, it’s far easier to work with than polyester, knits, or rayon. Before you start, you’ll be doing a good amount of ironing, and cotton will stay crisp while you work. Cotton stretches just the right amount. It’s also a natural, durable fiber that breathes. For those seeking the ultimate comfort and ease in their sewing projects, 100 percent cotton is the ideal choice. Not only is it easier to work with than other fabrics, but it also offers a crisp finish that will elevate your creations.

Feel the Fabric, Know your Favorites:  As an online fabric shop, we often hear comments of wanting to feel the fabric, and we completely agree!  But knowing your favorite manufacturer will help in confidently purchasing online.  How do you know you are getting quality quilt fabric?  Well, your fingers will be able to tell the difference and you will grow to understand the "hand", aka feel of the fabric.  Quality quilting cotton feels silkier. The weave will be tighter and more even than other cottons. Challenge yourself to become a fabric connoisseur as you quilt more. 

Check the Price:  In most cases, higher-priced fabrics do equate quality. It costs more to make quilting fabric according to the highest production standards. Good quality fabrics use premium greige goods - or unprinted base fabrics. Quality fabrics feel better, resist fading and last longer than discount fabrics.  Some may question digital fabrics, I know I've considered using them, and have a few times, but not on a quilt.  The jury is still out as I write this on the duration of time for those digitally printed.  If you are making an heirloom piece, consider only traditionally print fabric.

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